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The PuffCuff – 2 Month Review For Kids

May 21, 2016

The PuffCuff Review for Kids

Tired of ponytail holder pulling at my daughters’ edges and the banana clip falling apart, I decided to research other alternatives that I can use to style my 3 daughters’ hair when their hair is not in a protective braiding style. After reading some initial reviews, I decided The PuffCuff Hair Clamp was exactly what I was looking for. So…I purchased the PuffCuff Jr (2 pcs.). The PuffCuff Jr worked really well for my 5-year-old daughter who has type 3C hair that is very thick and curly. However, when I tried to use this size with my twin 2-year-old daughters, the puff hold was too loose. This had nothing to do with the functionality of the hair clamp…it meant I needed another size as the twins hair is not as thick. Since I was pleased with my initial purchase, I made purchase #2 using the coupon the company provided in my first purchase and decided to go a step down to the PuffCuff Mini (3pcs). Also, I was able to find this chart below on their website that confirmed the size I needed for my twins. Boy oh boy, this chart was so helpful – great resource for buyers who need size confirmation. Based on this chart, I expected the PuffCuff Mini to fit just right…and it did!



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