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Goldfish Swim Mt. Laurel : 5 Reasons Why We’ll Be Back!

March 5, 2017
Goldfish Swim Review

Dear Goldfish Swim, thank you!

One of the proudest moments that I can remember growing up as a kid was when I learned how to swim at summer camp. I was so excited and I can re-live that thrill over and over again in my head…it was the same feeling I got when I learned how to ride my bicycle without training wheels. With 10 people drowning daily and 2 of these unintentional drownings being kids under the age of 14 (, it is mandatory for my girls to get formal swimming lessons before the summer hits as we plan to enjoy many swim/water activities this summer. As I explained it to my girls, it’s time to go from the bathtub to the swimming pool (lol).

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