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Breathe Cleaning Products – Hello Aerosol 2.0!

November 11, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Try breathe™ – #breathecleaning

Chlorine. Alkyl ammonium chlorides.  Sodium bisulfate. Oxalic acid. Hydrochloric acid. Phenol. And the list goes on…  These are all chemicals in your everyday household cleaning products that are potentially hazardous to your family’s health depending on the dose and length of exposure to the product (source: Cleveland Clinic).

With 3 little girls, I take the word “potentially” seriously and would rather not gamble with the health of my precious little girls.  As a mother, I strive to do whatever I can to keep my princesses healthy and smiling – JUST LIKE YOU!  This is why I did not hesitate to give breathe™ a try as a safer alternative to my everyday household products.

Breathe™ is the first ever and ONLY aerosol cleaning line ever certified by the EPA’s Safer Choice program to offer families a safer household cleaning solution.  Breathe™ is powered by air with BreatheSafe™ technology, using eco-friendly ingredients and does not produce harmful fumes (source: Breathe™ Official Website).

From a mother of 3, here are 5 reasons you should try breathe™ product line as a safer alternative to your traditional household cleaning products.

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