HighlyCaffeinated – April’s Freebie Winners!

April 25, 2016
highlycaffeinated, april winners

Thank you everyone who participated in this month’s freebie by simply subscribing to my blog.  This give-a-way was very special to me because it was my very FIRST freebie and  celebrated the launch of my blog, Highly Caffeinated.  I never doubted myself, but I must admit I did not think people would subscribe.  BUT, they did!  I wish I could give everyone who subscribed a special gift – I really do.  However, I am happy to announce that I will continue to host give-a-ways and you may still have a change to win something cool – just thank me later (lol).  If you have already subscribed, you will never need to subscribe again to be considered for a future freebie.

(Drum roll, please!)

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Engaging Children in STEM Learning EARLY!

April 22, 2016

Although the majority of my girls’ time is filled with play and active engagement, they are constantly observing, investigating and discovering the world around them.  As all parents know, young children generate a crap load of questions which fuels their motivation to find answers.  From being naturally inquisitive to developing sophisticated reasoning as they grow, these are all the fundamentals of STEM skills.  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Once described as a field of study that helped immigrants get visas, STEM has expanded to being a curriculum or “the way of educating” for teachers throughout the globe.

So let’s engage our children in STEM early!

STEM Education EARLY

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Earth Day Activities for Kids in 2016

April 20, 2016
highly caffeinated

Earth Day is April 22, 2016!

Last Monday, my oldest daughter came home with a notice that her school will be focusing and celebrating Earth Day and, of course, asked many questions.  Like any typical 5 year old, she wanted to know what is Earth Day and why will she be celebrating it at school for the week.  I explained that Earth Day was a day to take time and acknowledge the importance of taking care of the Earth we live on.  She really understood Earth Day better when I told her we were wishing the Earth Happy Birthday! and just like we take time out on her birthday to do cool things, we will also do that to the Earth.  Of course, I reminded her that we should take care of the Earth every day, but Friday will be a day to celebrate keeping our Earth green and clean.

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Just Between Friends (JBF) Consignment Review

April 18, 2016
Just Between Friends JBF

One thing I’ve learned being a mommy to 3 girls is that you must learn to stretch the dollar! With expenses ranging from $1500+ in childcare costs per month to that monthly mortgage payment that keeps a roof over your family’s heads, the last thing that’s on my mind is paying full price for clothes that will no longer fit in 60-90 days. The struggle of growing kids! In addition to shopping off season and sale racks, I’ve been shopping my ass off at local consignment events. One of my favorite is Just Between Friends (JBF) consignment event!  JBF is a seasonal consignment event where parents and friends come to shop for gently used children’s clothing at a deeply discounted rate. You can either shop sale items at 50-90% discount price, sign up to sell your own stuff as a consignor, and/or do both. In my case, I’ve only shopped at the pop-up events and do not plan to be a consignor. I live in the South Jersey area so I rotate between the Lower Bucks County (PA) and the Mercer County (NJ) events. Most recently, I attended the Lower Bucks County event and here is an honest review of my experience:

Just Between Friends Lower Bucks JBF

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10 Things We Must Do!

April 13, 2016
10 Things We Must Do - Highly Caffeinated

Inspired by Rachel Travel – Travel Black to Love, my family has prepared a BUCKET LIST of 10 things we MUST do as a family before our girls turn 18.  Thank GOD we have a while before that milestone due to the hefty price tag of some of the activities.  Regardless of price, we are determined to make it happen even if we have to start saving now (which we’ve already done by the way!).

We ask for one favor, let us know what’s been crossed off on your bucket list!

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2016 White House Easter Egg Roll – Step by Step

April 11, 2016

I’ve seen it on TV.  I’ve read about it in newspapers and on blogs.  However, I never knew how those families got there until a close friend share the lottery announcement on Facebook.  So…I clicked the link and entered the lottery.  I honestly didn’t think my family would get picked (because I don’t have the best of luck in lotteries), but WE DID!  We were heading to the White House for President Barack Obama’s final Easter Egg Roll in his administration.

Here’s our story.

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April 9, 2016

Kon’nichiwa (hello! in Japanese) and welcome to my official FIRST blog post!  At first, I was a little nervous but as I am in the midst of typing, I realize I have so much to say.  Since this is my first post, let’s get to know one another – that’s a great start.

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