Thumbs Up to the Melanin Backpacks! #BackSchool

July 26, 2017
Melanin Backpacks

That Melanin Tho’!

Back to school shopping is always something to look forward to and there’s always that one item to start with: the backpack.  From personalization to bold prints, the backpack is an essential that your child must love (especially since they will be wearing it all year long).

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Free Backpacks & School Supplies #WZGivesBack

July 11, 2017

#WZGivesBack on July 23, 2017 from 1PM – 4PM EDT

On Sunday, July 23, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EDT) your local Verizon Wireless Zone (#WZGivesBack) store may be giving away FREE backpacks and school supplies.  You don’t have to buy anything and you do not have to have Verizon cellphone service. Just bring the kiddos (this is a requirement)!

Each child will receive a free backpack and supplies.  Don’t forget to share photos using #WZGivesBack

Check the list to make sure your local store is participating.  Backpacks will be given on a first come, first serve and are limited.

As of 7/11/2017 10PM EST, here are the list of stores participating:

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Summer Time Learning – Avoid the Summer Slide! Free Infographic, too.

July 10, 2017

As summer approached, I struggled to find a balance between summer time fun and summer time learning.  I wanted my 3 little girls to enjoy their summer break, but wanted to ensure that we, as parents, did not allow our children to fall into the ‘the summer slide’ or ‘summer learning loss.’  According to Little Scholars, “learning loss is inevitable when kids take the summer off from educational activities” with students losing as much as 15% of their educational ability if they don’t read, write or practice math and possibly up to three months of academic progress over the summer.

So, just like me, you may be wondering…what can I do to make sure my child(ren) do not “slide” academically over the summer months?  Well, our friends of F.C. Kerbeck Buick GMC provided an amazing infographic with tips for summer educational fun!

F.C. Kerbeck Buick GMC's Summer Educational Tips for Kids, summer time learning

Go ahead…share some educational fun you love to do with your kiddos!

With love + caffeine,

highly caffeinated




In full disclosure, I was provided this infographic by F.C. Kerbeck Buick GMC in exchange for my post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. To learn more about advertising options to have your business featured, please send me an email or submit contact form.


Girls’ Swim Night at Goldfish Swim Mt. Laurel – How to Host on a Budget!

April 17, 2017
Goldfish Swim - Family Swim

As you probably know from my recent posts, my girls have been taking group swim lessons at Goldfish Swim in Mt. Laurel. Just to reiterate, they still love it (lol). This past Easter weekend, my nieces traveled from Connecticut to visit us. So in addition to our 3 girls, we had to find a way to host 4 more little girls – what a blessing! I had to put on my mommy hat and figure out an affordable way for all 7 girls to have fun. Thanks to Goldfish Swim, it was a breeze and affordable too.
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2017 Easter Egg Roll Lottery Now Open + A Freebie!

March 15, 2017

Yes, the 2017 Easter Egg Roll happening and the lottery is NOW OPEN!

As of NOON today, families may now enter the lottery for the Easter Egg Roll.  It’s been an (im)patient wait, but we are a step closer to the actual Easter Egg Roll!  Registration will end in 3 days, on March 18 at 12 PM ET.  According to, selected families will be notified of results on March 31st.  Entering the lottery is FREE of charge, but families must have a ticket to enter the event.  Communications will be sent via the email address you’ve used to register on their website so please ensure your email address is correct.

**If you are on the homepage, click Continue Reading for a chance to WIN**

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2017 White House Easter Egg Roll – While We Wait…

March 7, 2017

While We (im)Patiently Wait…

Update 3/8/2017 – Official Easter Egg Roll Announcement

Parents are still speculating on the ticket distribution method that will be used for the 2017 Easter Egg Roll.  At this point, we know 3 things – (1) The 139th Easter Egg Roll will take place on Monday April 17th on the South Lawn, (2) launched a recruitment campaign which is now closed, and (3) Wells Wood Turning was moving the eggs thru the paint shop on March 2nd.  However, it’s still a mystery on the actual distribution of the tickets.

Easter Egg Roll

Easter Egg Roll

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Goldfish Swim Mt. Laurel : 5 Reasons Why We’ll Be Back!

March 5, 2017
Goldfish Swim Review

Dear Goldfish Swim, thank you!

One of the proudest moments that I can remember growing up as a kid was when I learned how to swim at summer camp. I was so excited and I can re-live that thrill over and over again in my head…it was the same feeling I got when I learned how to ride my bicycle without training wheels. With 10 people drowning daily and 2 of these unintentional drownings being kids under the age of 14 (, it is mandatory for my girls to get formal swimming lessons before the summer hits as we plan to enjoy many swim/water activities this summer. As I explained it to my girls, it’s time to go from the bathtub to the swimming pool (lol).

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3 Ways to Prep Young Children for Visit to the National Museum for African American History & Culture

February 21, 2017

My 6-Year-Old Daughter Felt Empowered, Enriched and Educated.

Last Fall, the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) finally opened its doors to the public in Washington, DC.  For months, I tried to get free tickets to the museum and was finally able to experience this masterpiece this month.  Perfect timing for Black History Month!  Although there are other museums who scratch the surface of Black History, NMAAHC is “the only national museum devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture.”  Being local to Continue Reading…

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Johnson’s Corner Farm – 5 Educational Activities for Little Minds

August 2, 2016

Farms are a great place to nurture little growing minds though hands-on activities!

In recent years, farms have expanded their offerings to attract families with little kids. From hay rides to petting zoos, farms provide enough variety of activities to keep your family there the entire day. The same is true of the local farms in South Jersey! So, I decided to take the twins on an exploratory day at Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford, NJ after hearing so many other moms in the area give them praise.
Here are 5 educational activities you can do or explore on Johnson’s Corner Farm:

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5 Things to Do at Camden Children’s Garden

June 27, 2016

Are you looking for a family-friendly attraction in the South Jersey area where you can explore and discover the natural world?  Have younger children who enjoy imaginative play?  Looking for affordability?  Look no further!  The Camden Children’s Garden gives you all of this at a very affordable rate.

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