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November 11, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Try breathe™ – #breathecleaning

Chlorine. Alkyl ammonium chlorides.  Sodium bisulfate. Oxalic acid. Hydrochloric acid. Phenol. And the list goes on…  These are all chemicals in your everyday household cleaning products that are potentially hazardous to your family’s health depending on the dose and length of exposure to the product (source: Cleveland Clinic).

With 3 little girls, I take the word “potentially” seriously and would rather not gamble with the health of my precious little girls.  As a mother, I strive to do whatever I can to keep my princesses healthy and smiling – JUST LIKE YOU!  This is why I did not hesitate to give breathe™ a try as a safer alternative to my everyday household products.

Breathe™ is the first ever and ONLY aerosol cleaning line ever certified by the EPA’s Safer Choice program to offer families a safer household cleaning solution.  Breathe™ is powered by air with BreatheSafe™ technology, using eco-friendly ingredients and does not produce harmful fumes (source: Breathe™ Official Website).

From a mother of 3, here are 5 reasons you should try breathe™ product line as a safer alternative to your traditional household cleaning products.

  1. Breathe™ Cleaning products are certified by the EPA’s Safer Choice Program.  According to EPA’s website, when consumers see the Safer Choice label, ” they can be confident that the ingredients have been through a rigorous EPA review. The label means that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in the product to ensure it meets Safer Choice’s stringent criteria.”  So, I put on my “motherly” hat and had to confirm for myself.  Yup, all 5 products are on the Safer Choice Standard list#breathecleaning
  2. Breathe™ Cleaning has a full line of products to choose from. Their Deep Clean Kit contains (1) each: Breathe Bathroom Cleaner, Breathe Multi-purpose Cleaner, Breathe Furniture Polish, Breathe Stainless Steel Cleaner. According to the EPA’s website, another product, Breathe Glass Cleaner was also Safe Choice certified, but I do not see this product on their website, nor anywhere else to purchase.  If you know where to get it, please let me know in the comments. #breathecleaning
  3. Breathe™ Cleaning performed just as good as any of my “potentially hazardous” cleaning products.  In a nutshell, it did the job!  While cleaning my girls bathroom (no windows, medium sized bathroom), I did not smell any fragrances, I did not have to scrub any harder than I would with any other traditional products, nor did I get a headache from being enclosed in a bathroom with no windows for over 30 minutes.
  4. Breathe™ Cleaning does not break the bank!  According to Amazon, you can purchase their Deep Clean Kit for $19.99.  Don’t forget, the Deep Clean Kit has four (4) 14 OZ bottles.  That’s roughly $5.00 per 14 OZ bottle of product.
  5. My girls loved it!  My oldest daughter was my assistant cleaner and she kept saying, “mommy, it’s cleaning and doesn’t stink.” LOL – she hates strong smells!


    Madison putting the final touches to the bathroom using Breathe Furniture Polish

Since I have full disclosure on my blog, there was one thing that frustrated me.  According to their website, the product is now being sold at Wegmans.  Since I conduct the majority of my grocery shopping online, I immediately went to check it out.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find this product at all.  It may very well exist at Wegmans, but not online.  So, I went over to Amazon as a Prime Member, and shipping was $8.50!  Oh no…I hate shipping costs, especially as a Prime Member.  However, I can say that I have NOT went into Wegmans to see if I can purchase in person.

In summary, I HIGHLY recommend giving breathe™ a try!  When you do, please comment below and share your thoughts.  I’m crossing my fingers that this company will distribute this product in other locations to make it more accessible and eventually eliminate the shipping costs for Amazon Prime Members.

With love + caffeine,

highly caffeinated




In full disclosure, I was provided breathe™ Deep Cleaning Kit by Starco Brands in exchange for my post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. To learn more about advertising options to have your business featured, please send me an email or submit contact form.

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