Thumbs Up to the Melanin Backpacks! #BackSchool

July 26, 2017
Melanin Backpacks

That Melanin Tho’!

Back to school shopping is always something to look forward to and there’s always that one item to start with: the backpack.  From personalization to bold prints, the backpack is an essential that your child must love (especially since they will be wearing it all year long).

Last year, my 3 girls each had Disney Frozen backpacks with Princess Elsa and Anna on the front.  Although my family absolutely LOVES Frozen, this year, I want my girls’ backpacks to better represent them as pretty brown girls.  Instead of going in the direction of the typical “melanin represented” Disney characters, I really wanted to support small designers who had what I was looking for.

Let me first start by saying, my search was not easy.  I asked people in my network and no one really seemed to know.  So, I buckled down on social media and this is what I was able to find:

Lela™ and Mosi™ – starting at $30.00

Our passion for producing well-curated and smartly designed essentials is reflected in our products, and the new Mosi range is no exception. Our pretty and practical creations ensure that all your school, travel and stationery needs are not just useful but inspirational; helping to showcase the beautiful shades of brown skin all over the world. 💕 Let us know what you think of our new boys range and share with your friends and family. Order while stocks last ⭐️⭐️ Double tap if you like❤️💬↪️ #Mylela #Mosi #AmazonUK #nubianprincess #kidsbraids #blackisbeautiful #blackdoll #africanprincess #afropuff #melanin #love #like #colorful #supportblackbusiness #style #curlykids #eyes #swag #look #amazing #cute #beautiful #repost #kinkycurls #beautifulblackkids #cutekids #naturalhairkids #blackexcellence

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Devona Roy Art – starting at $40.00

Cocoa Twins (ETSY shop) – starting at $26.00


Blended Designs – starting at $24.95




Hey you…

Don’t hold out – let us know if you know of others out there!  Comment below.

With love + caffeine,

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