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The PuffCuff – 2 Month Review For Kids

May 21, 2016

The PuffCuff Review for Kids

Tired of ponytail holder pulling at my daughters’ edges and the banana clip falling apart, I decided to research other alternatives that I can use to style my 3 daughters’ hair when their hair is not in a protective braiding style. After reading some initial reviews, I decided The PuffCuff Hair Clamp was exactly what I was looking for. So…I purchased the PuffCuff Jr (2 pcs.). The PuffCuff Jr worked really well for my 5-year-old daughter who has type 3C hair that is very thick and curly. However, when I tried to use this size with my twin 2-year-old daughters, the puff hold was too loose. This had nothing to do with the functionality of the hair clamp…it meant I needed another size as the twins hair is not as thick. Since I was pleased with my initial purchase, I made purchase #2 using the coupon the company provided in my first purchase and decided to go a step down to the PuffCuff Mini (3pcs). Also, I was able to find this chart below on their website that confirmed the size I needed for my twins. Boy oh boy, this chart was so helpful – great resource for buyers who need size confirmation. Based on this chart, I expected the PuffCuff Mini to fit just right…and it did!



Now, that my girls have been using the PuffCuff Hair Clamps in both Jr. and Mini sizes for about 2 months, I am happy to share the top 5 reasons why we absolutely LOVE these clamps and why we will continue to use them:

  1. No tension & secure fit! Clamps fit loose enough to NOT pull at the edges, but tight enough to securely hold the puff throughout the day.  With 2 girls in daycare and 1 in kindergarten, a secure hold is a must!  Throughout the day, my girls run, jump, flip at recess and still manage to make it home at the end of the day with the clamp still SECURED – a big win!
  2. Perfect for thick, textured, curly hair. My girls all have type 3C hair and we opt for the usual wash and go + LOC styling methods.  We are able to wear our natural hair curl pattern with a cute puff.  You can adjust tightness by using different hair clamp sizes.
  3. Versatile styling. Our fave is the simple, loose bun at the top.  This is my go to style because it’s so damn easy to do and with 3 girls you can imagine how simplicity works best for me.  However, we get fancy at times with “mickey mouse” type buns with 2 buns on the side of the head or do an up down style with the back out and the top in a puff.  Either way, there’s styling potential with these clamps and we look forward to exploring more.
  4. Easy to use. Yes, yes, yes! If there’s anything in the world that can make life easier…I need it.  The process of washing and styling the hair of 3 girls can be gruesome and tiresome.  It feels great knowing that I can use this product easily and the style will still be CUTE – cuteness is another must!
  5. Kids love it. Well, my kids.  They have yet attempted to pull at it and they love when I use it.  You would think kids don’t understand, but they have a tantrum when I open the ‘hair accessory’ drawer and don’t grab these hair clamps (lol) – it’s so true!

In summary, we give these clamps 5 THUMBS UP and will continue to be fans!  I’ve seen some reviews where customers have commented on the clamp not fitting or being too loose to hold a puff.  Please remember to use the chart above and visit their website to help you determine which size is right for you – this can make a big difference in your experience with the clamp.  As the customer, it is your responsibility to ensure you purchase the right size and the company has provided the resources on their website to help you with that – just do your research.

Want ’em? Don’t worry – we’ve done the shopping for you!


Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me for personal use.  The company in this review provided no compensation (monetary, product) in exchange for this review.

With love + caffeine,

highly caffeinated

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