Just Between Friends (JBF) Consignment Review

April 18, 2016
Just Between Friends JBF

One thing I’ve learned being a mommy to 3 girls is that you must learn to stretch the dollar! With expenses ranging from $1500+ in childcare costs per month to that monthly mortgage payment that keeps a roof over your family’s heads, the last thing that’s on my mind is paying full price for clothes that will no longer fit in 60-90 days. The struggle of growing kids! In addition to shopping off season and sale racks, I’ve been shopping my ass off at local consignment events. One of my favorite is Just Between Friends (JBF) consignment event!  JBF is a seasonal consignment event where parents and friends come to shop for gently used children’s clothing at a deeply discounted rate. You can either shop sale items at 50-90% discount price, sign up to sell your own stuff as a consignor, and/or do both. In my case, I’ve only shopped at the pop-up events and do not plan to be a consignor. I live in the South Jersey area so I rotate between the Lower Bucks County (PA) and the Mercer County (NJ) events. Most recently, I attended the Lower Bucks County event and here is an honest review of my experience:

Just Between Friends Lower Bucks JBF

How did you find about the event date and place?

C’mon now…you know EVERYTHING is on Facebook (lol). You can find your local event by entering your zip code on (click here to watch a demo video). From the results, you will be able to (1) find out about upcoming events near you and (2) like their Facebook page. In addition, you can create a profile from your local JBF page and will receive email communications and updates. For me, Facebook has been the best information to receive event and ticket updates.
The Lower Bucks County event was held in Feasterville, PA and open to the public April 8 – April 10. The times varied for each day so please keep this in mind when planning your trip.

How did you get a ticket?

I reserved my FREE tickets from a Facebook add posted about a week before the event. My tickets were reserved via Eventbrite and digital tickets were sent to my email address provided during registration within minutes. I used my digital tickets to gain access to the event.

When is the event open to the public vs not open to the public?

Your local JBF page will announce the days/times the event is open to the public. Most likely, the event will last Friday to Sunday with Friday having evening hours, Saturday being all-day and Sunday starting in the morning and ending early afternoon. Here were the days/times for the Lower Bucks event:
Friday April 8 – 9:30 to 7pm
Saturday April 9 – 9am to 3:30pm
Sunday April 10 – 9:30am – 2pm > 50 % off sale!
In addition to “open to the public” hours, you can get first dibs if you are a consignor and/or volunteer. JBF Lower Bucks also opened pre-sale hours on Thursday for grandparents, teachers, first time parents, military families, first responder families and Facebook friends.

So, what can I get from the event?

Any and everything…literally! When we walked in, we were greeted and received a big mesh bag to put all of our goodies. The event was split into 2 huge rooms that were both filled to capacity.
Room #1
• Shoes and sneakers
• Clothes were hanging on rack in size order
• Books
• DVDs and CDs
• Small toys
• Small variety of out of season items which were hugely discounted (coats, hats, gloves)
Room #2
• Toys galore! From small table toys to big bikes…you name it, they had it!
• Dolls and stuffed animals
• Desks and art stands
Immediately outside was the check-out area with cashier stations.

Just Between Friends Lower Bucks JBF

Just Between Friends Lower Bucks JBF

What payments are accepted?

Cash, Visa, Discover and Mastercard. We used our Mastercard for the purchase. Items are bagged in large “garbage” like bag.

Do you have any recommendations for attending an event?

Yup, I sure do!
• Be patient! Having patience will help you find the deals you need. There are thousands and thousands of articles of clothing. Take your time and sort through them.
• Know what you want. Create a list or mental note. It is very overwhelming. I knew from the beginning I was shopping for my 5 year old and particularly needed shorts and dresses. When I arrived, I was on a mission and making a list of items needed helped me stay on track and focused.
• Have a budget. Since items are so cheap, you can easily “overspend” by just loading and loading your bag. My budget was $100 walking in and we spent a little under and had a good amount of items.
• Leave the little bitty kids home (if you can). I have 2 year old twins and I think bringing them would have frustrated me because the event was already overwhelming. Kids were screaming and kicking when their parents told them they couldn’t have something. To avoid this, this was a trip for me and the big sister. She enjoyed every bit of it and most importantly understood the word NO (lol).
• Wash clothes. All clothes are in great condition,gently worn and washed. I even have items that have never been worn as they still had the store tags on them. Although this is the case, I still washed every single item before hanging the items in the closet to be worn.  This is just my preference.
• Attend PreSale and then 50% off day. Trust me, you won’t regret it. PreSale shopping time will allow you to get the items that will be GONE once the event is open to the public. If you can make it back on the last day, please go! There will still be tons of items remaining and most items will be 50% off in addition to the already heavily discounted price.

Just Between Friends Lower Bucks

Just Between Friends Lower Bucks JBF

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