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Earth Day Activities for Kids in 2016

April 20, 2016
highly caffeinated

Earth Day is April 22, 2016!

Last Monday, my oldest daughter came home with a notice that her school will be focusing and celebrating Earth Day and, of course, asked many questions.  Like any typical 5 year old, she wanted to know what is Earth Day and why will she be celebrating it at school for the week.  I explained that Earth Day was a day to take time and acknowledge the importance of taking care of the Earth we live on.  She really understood Earth Day better when I told her we were wishing the Earth Happy Birthday! and just like we take time out on her birthday to do cool things, we will also do that to the Earth.  Of course, I reminded her that we should take care of the Earth every day, but Friday will be a day to celebrate keeping our Earth green and clean.

After this conversation, I immediately went into mommy mode and started researching ways that I can contribute to ensuring my daughter understood the importance of this day.  Here are a couple of “things to do” that you can explore in your community to help your little one(s) better understand Earth Day.  If you are local to the South Jersey area, I’ve made specific recommendations as well.

  1. Attend community paper shredding event. In addition to securely disposing your confidential documents, by shredding paper you are contributing to saving trees and landfill as shredded paper is sent to be recycled into paper products. Search for local organizations, businesses and/or township wide shredding events in local advertisement.
  2. Attend a craft event at your local public library. The Burlington County Library in Maple Shade, NJ is hosting a Bird Feeder Craft event on August 22 at 7pm. The event is free.
  3. Attend a celebration and/or festival. Most celebrations will include a variety of games, food, nature-like activities and crafts.  The City of Wilmington is hosting a themed-celebration at Rodney Square on Aug 22 from 11am to 2pm.
  4. Support Earth Day Network by planting a tree to help fight climate change or donate to help Earth Day Network to plant their goal of 50,000 trees globally. If you donate, have your little one(s) research and write a paper on the impact of planting trees.
  5. Read an age appropriate Earth Day themed book. A Cookie Before Dinner blog has a comprehensive list of books that you can read. Then, ask your child to draw a picture of their most favorite part of the book.

Hope you enjoyed this list!  Do you have an activity you do with your child(ren)?  Let us know and don’t forget to subscribe for monthly give-a-ways!


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