10 Things We Must Do!

April 13, 2016
10 Things We Must Do - Highly Caffeinated

Inspired by Rachel Travel – Travel Black to Love, my family has prepared a BUCKET LIST of 10 things we MUST do as a family before our girls turn 18.  Thank GOD we have a while before that milestone due to the hefty price tag of some of the activities.  Regardless of price, we are determined to make it happen even if we have to start saving now (which we’ve already done by the way!).

We ask for one favor, let us know what’s been crossed off on your bucket list!

(not in any particular order)

  1. Visit a farm
  2. Picnic in a park
  3. Stay at underwater suite at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai
  4. Go on a camping trip – no cabins, straight jungle style (lol)
  5. Build an app to inspire young girls
  6. Visit Disney World
  7. Get a (small) dog
  8. Develop a signature family recipe to be shared for generations
  9. Stay at Shamwari Game Reserve (safari) in South Africa
  10. Do something impactful that will change another girl’s life!

We hope to be crossing off some of these items really soon!  Don’t forget to let us know some of the items you have crossed off on your list.

Rachel is a travel blogger dedicated to encouraging and inspiring young, black and cultured to travel the world.  Check her blog out and subscribe to Rachel Alerts!

With love + Caffeine,


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